OHMS Annotating Oral History

Click on the image to access the OHMS interview file.

For this activity, I uploaded an interview I did recently with the West End Home Foundation’s Executive Director, Dianne Oliver. The WEHF is a non-profit which funds grants for programs that assist senior services related to elder care and support. From 1891 to 2013 the foundation was also residential, but has now shifted solely to indirect services. They are working with the MHC to erect a historical marker at the site of their original “home” which was razed and replaced by a shopping center (sigh).

I was able to upload the OHMS and create metadata. While I have a written transcript and saved it in .txt (as instructed by OHMS), it caused my record to have a fatal error. So I removed the written transcript and the interview shows in OHMS here:

I created an index tag as part of my attempt to annotate. I used the key word “consortium” — which was part of our conversation about the WEHF’s current work with the state of Tennessee and other agencies outside of Middle Tennessee.

Here is another article I found useful, it talks about the experience of UNCG in working with OHMS on a digital oral history project. They have synced and indexed over fifty interviews that are now available with enhanced access through OHMS.


And here is the project. It really looks and works great: